Tool on Spotify

Tool On spotify

I’ve been using Spotify (free) since… 2013 at least. Not as long as some, but a long time. I’m invested, at least in time on the platform. My SO has a premium account but I’ve never taken the time to see if I can glom onto that. The ads suck ass but, to be fair, they don’t bother me that much.

The BIG thing with Spotify, for me, has always been their lacking a few bands who I consider to be critical. A recent gift was Def Leppard’s first three albums. Rights to these albums had been tied up in a decade-long legal battle. The pop big-hair Def Leppard stuff has always been available; The good stuff, however, has not been.

Topping this list, though, has always been Tool. They’re an—dare I say—important band. I don’t know what the backstory is. I’m just happy to have Tool accessible to on Spotify, where I listen to all my other music.

Fuck yeah!


Tool Discography
Def Leppard : High ‘N’ Dry – 1981
Def Leppard: On Through the Night – 1980

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