Russian Su-27 in Belarus May Carry Nukes

Combat aircraft in Baranavichy may carry nuclear weapons.

This statement was made by leader of the United Civil Party (UCP) Anatol Liabedzka.

“A number of steps were made in connection with the deployment of Russian troops in Belarus: an appeal to the Constitutional Court; we tried to carry out pickets across Belarus; we appealed to the defence minister to figure out the status of the group of Russian fighter jets in Baranavichy,” he told

“We were informed that our request was resent to the commander of the Air Forces and the Air Defence Troops of Belarus. We have received an answer.

Firstly, it follows from the letter that citizens of Belarus cannot influence the decisions of top officials relating to defence issues. There are no mechanisms of influence.

Secondly, we are informed that the use of nuclear weapons is not supposed in joint combat alert missions. But it means it is not supposed today, but the possibility of its use cannot be ruled out in principle. There’s no ban. The aircraft are technically capable to carry nuclear weapons if necessary.

We tried to figure out the issues of financing. The only thing we were told is that it is funded by Russia. But we don’t know how much it costs and what obligations the Belarusian side has,” he said.

We remind that Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu said on April 23 during a visit to Minsk that Russia planned to deploy an air force regiment in Belarus by 2015. He said there were plans to set up an air force command post and deliver the first group of fighter jets in 2013.

The Russian Air Force commander, Viktor Bondarev, said on June 26 that the Russian air base for modified Su-27SM3 jets would be located in Lida, Hrodna region, and would begin to operate in 2013.

It was reported later that fighter jets will be deployed in Baranavichy on alert duty. The first group of Su-27 fighter jets was reported to have landed at an aerodrome in Baranavichy on December 7.

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