Russian Air Force: Su-35 Deliveries to Begin

The delivery of Sukhoi Su-35 multirole fighter jets to the Russian Air Force will start before the middle of February.

“The Russian Air Force will welcome the Su-35 fighter very soon. Relevant orders have been issued,” a defense industry representative said on Friday.

“Approved procurement of Su-35 by the Air Force means the soonest delivery of fighters to Air Force units,” he said.

“The Komsomolsk-on-Amur plant of the Sukhoi Holding will supply the first four fighter jets to the Russian Air Force before the middle of this February,” the source continued.

“As to the official act of putting Su-35 into service, it will be acknowledged with a special resolution of the Russian government after the completion of joint state tests,” he said.

“Su-35 deliveries to the Russian Air Force will be done consistent with the state contract on the supply of 48 fighter jets before 2015 at gradually increasing rates,” the source noted.

Concerning Su-35 export prospects, the source said, “Rosoboronexport has not signed Su-35 contracts but it is holding negotiations with a number of potential buyers.”

“The Komsomolsk-on-Amur plant has a sufficient industrial capacity for the enlargement of Su-35 output both for exports and for the national Air Force,” the source said.

Su-35 is a Sukhoi Design Bureau product. It is a profoundly modernized super-maneuverable 4++ generation fighter jet, incorporating fifth-generation technologies, which makes it superior to other fighters in its class.

Su-35 has new digital avionics, a new radar system with a phased antenna array capable of long-distance detection of airborne targets and a larger number of simultaneously locked and destroyed targets, and new engines with higher thrust and thrust vector control.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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