Su-27SM3 telepítése a Baranavichy

Végére az év 24 Su-27SM3 harci repülőgépek is vetettek be az orosz légi bázis Fehéroroszországban.

Orosz harci repülőgépek ezred, áll 24 Su-27SM3 harci repülőgépek, biztosítja az "Unió állam" légvédelmi és integritásának a légtér, ITAR-TASS jelentések való hivatkozással a főparancsnoka az orosz légierő Viktor Bondarev.

According to Bondarev, a flight of four Su-27SM3 jets is permanently based in Belarus. “By this year’s plan, a squadron will be added to that and by the year’s end a regiment will have been deployed of Su-27SM3 made of two squadrons at the airdrome in Baranavichy, where our aviation base is located, 24 jets in total. They will be on combat duty, ensuring the air defense and the integrity of the “Union State’s” air space”, – Bondarev pointed out.

We would remind that at a meeting of the Security Council on 12 March Lukashenka claimed that he wanted to offer Russia to deploy up to 15 jets due to NATO’s activities. On 13 March it came out that six Russian Su-27 fighter jets and three military air carriers of the Russian Federation’s air forces were relocated to Babrujsk in the framework of the inspection of the combat readiness of Belarus’ Armed Forces.


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