Su-27 Részt orosz gyakorlatok

Moszkva, Március 27 (Xinhua) — Az orosz védelmi minisztérium azt mondta csütörtökön, hogy a légierő tartja nagyszabású fúró a Dél-, Northwest és a Távol-Kelet, Oroszország.

A group of SU-25SM3 frontline bombers are to make 40 sorties during the two-day exercises being held in the Krasnodar region, the Southern military district’s press service told reporters.

That region borders Eastern Ukraine across Azov Sea and Crimea peninsula through the narrow Kerch Strait.

During the drills, the bombers are required to destroy 50 ground targets with air-to-ground missiles while overcoming radio jamming by conventional enemies.

Earlier this week, Moscow dismissed reports it was mobilizing troops on its border with Ukraine after the absorption of Crimea.

Meanwhile, Russia is conducting massive air force exercises in the Far East involving more than 30 SU-27 and SU-30 warplanes.

These drills are to run till the end of the week, according to the Eastern military district’s press service.

In the northwestern Leningrad region, the air force on Thursday completed Ladoga-2014 drills with the participation of more than 50 pilots, the Western military district said in a statement.

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