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Su-27.com provides news and information related to the Sukhoi Su-27 “Flanker” fighter aircraft and its derivatives. We hope that military aircraft enthusiasts and scale modelers find Su-27.com an entertaining and informative resource.

The Sukhoi Su-27 is a unique, impressive, and (arguably) beautiful aircraft. While its use in combat has been limited and minimal, most experts agree that in the hands of a well-trained pilot, it is a formidable weapons system that rivals or bests all but the newest fifth generation fighter aircraft currently operated by the air forces of the world. Sukhoi’s “Zhurovlik” is a genuine success story. Its broad acceptance in the export and licensed-built arenas, and the range of derivative aircraft that it has introduced, are evidence of this success.

Although based in the United States, Su-27.com is apolitical and takes no stance, offers no opinion, and does not endorse any views or opinions on the Su-27’s countries of origin or the countries which have purchased and operate the aircraft. Su-27.com has no agenda beyond an intense interest in this aircraft, the pilots who fly it, and the pilots who may one day be forced to fly against it in combat.

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